Kalada Customer Base

We satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality chemical products and services.

Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the marketplace.

It is our constant pursuit to add value to every product line and Principal we represent by means of local manufacturing or building servicing capabilities.

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We act with integrity and honesty.

We focus on customer and shareholder success and compete to win.

We recognize each person for the difference he or she makes.

We drive innovation and results by understanding the market and its opportunities.

We are committed to the values of responsibility, sustainability and transparency.

We create safe and health-conscious work environments, require compliance and embrace environmental stewardship.

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We operate in compliance with the law and adhere to high ethical standards.

We assess the impact on customers and society when making decisions.

We are externally focused. Our businesses are defined by market.

We are process-centered. Our processes are designed to optimize performance.

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Kalada Partial List of Products

Catalyst–Refinery/Hydro Processing

Catalyst for Petrochemicals/Chemical Processing

Support Media

Support Media

Process Chemicals

Utility Chemicals


in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries