2018 President’s Message

2018 President's Message

Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers, Investors and Kaladians,

It has been a prosperous year both in terms of customers satisfaction and suppliers product-promotion. We continue to grow this year with stable foot steps towards our goal of continuing to be in the business in good and bad situations.

I thank everyone that believed in KaladaChem and is now enjoying this organisation break records every year; all the way from investors/suppliers/customers and our precious employees.

One of the core aspects of our success is retaining the most efficient skills and developing them to achieve more and more in a rapidly changing environment. Speaking about skills, planning and proper execution is as important as having a strong vision. The oil and gas industry is very tough to be in due to the many variables that we face which hinder our planning and execution process. This is a challenge that needs more focus for us to achieve our medium to long term goals.

Our aim in 2018 is to invest more in manufacturing. Serve this country that have provided a lot to us. I know that it might be challenging due to the taxes that are coming our way, but always remember: Challenges are always Opportunities.

Happy new year and wish you many more to come!

Eng. Mohammad Alrayyes
Owner and President